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Sketchbook : Fashion!


Sorry for not posting for a looong time! My apologizes! I’ve been busy with school & work!
It’s my senior year! :]

The images below are some of the sketches I did in my sketchbook that is related to fashion. Enjoy!



I’m in a fashion illustration class this semester and it’s great. I want to share one of my illustrations that I’ve done. Enjoy!

Kony 2012

This is a project I did last semester. I forgot to post it on the blog, so.. Ta Da!

This is my concept statement after researching a political issue (Kony 2012) that has 3 voices which are my voice (mediator), the Invisible Children Organization, and the public. I chose this issue because it went viral so quickly through social media and some people were making judgements without researching and educating themselves. Therefore, I wanted to build a website where a viewer can have all the information in one website and make their own judgement about the issue.

Concept Statement: Let’s play the game “telephone”

The combination of word of mouth, the public’s interest, and the social media, Kony 2012 went viral by the public playing the game of “telephone.” Anybody want to join to play?

The images below are some of the screenshots of the website I built. I went for a simple design and straight to the point with numerous interactions with the user with mouse hovering over an icon to get more information. Enjoy!

Process/Research :)


The image below is a photograph of some of my process/research for my current project I am working on for one of my classes. I love process work and I think it’s the most fun out of the creative process because without the research, there is no final outcome. Enjoy!

10,000+ Small Paper Cranes

Hello! I’m sorry for not updating constantly! But… this is my senior year! I’ll be graduating in May! Whoot Whoot!

The image below is a present I gave to my parents for their wedding anniversary. I folded all these small paper cranes when I had free time and while I was watching TV. Enjoy!


Hello! Here are some illustrations from my new sketchbook my boyfriend had bought me. YAY!!!


For Fun!


Can you believe it?! 2 posts in 1 day. The image below is something I did for fun at work during free time. Enjoy!

Yay for typography!

So.. for my internship, I created pins for their pinterest page. I created some pins and here are the links!

Check it out, repin it, & more to come!




Images below are some 15 minute sketches I did in my sketchbook.